Statistics Don’t Color My Outcome: A CAR T-cell Therapy Success

Laurie Adami

Join us as we speak to Laurie Adami, a follicular lymphoma (non-Hodgkin lymphoma) survivor. In this episode, Laurie shares her long journey through multiple cancer treatments, which eventually led to CAR T-cell therapy and complete remission.

Hear one patient’s story of hope, as new treatments continued to come out, keeping her stable until the one that finally worked was approved for her disease. Her story of resilience and determination to stay alive for her young son is the inspiration that so many blood cancer patients need.

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  1. Excellent way of explaining such a difficult to understand biology.
    As a clinical nurse and faculty specialized in hematology and CAR-T cells, I appreciate this educational activities for patients and communities.

  2. Great episode, I related so well to Laurie’s journey as we have so much in common in our medical past. I like how she gave such a detailed account of both the positive and negative (sharing what worked and what did not and how it affected her). I have had a Car-T cell transplant and unfortunately for me it was unsuccessful but I had a tough time with the side effects and I wondered how Laurie faired in that regard.
    Anyway, as always LLS is providing great real-world information and the research behind it. Thank you!

  3. I enjoyed listening to your story. It was very helpful to me. Can you tell me how can I found out is Car T-Cell Therapy is available in New York City for Hodgkin Lymphoma stage 2 cancer.

    Thank you for time

    1. Hi Percolia,

      We encourage you to contact our Information Specialists at 1-800-955-4572 or go to They will be able to help you find treatments or clinical trials for your lymphoma.

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