Removing Mystery from Myeloma: Management of the Elderly Myeloma Patient

Marc Braunstein, MD

Join Alicia and Lizette as they speak with Dr. Marc Braunstein, a Board-certified hematologist, medical oncologist at NYU Winthrop in New York, NY. This is episode four of our five- part episode series, ‘Removing Mystery from Myeloma‘. On this episode, Dr. Braunstein explains how management of myeloma differs between younger and older patients. He stresses how treatment is not solely based on age and shares the other factors that are taken into consideration when determining how a patient may respond to treatment. Dr. Braunstein discusses minimal residual disease (MRD), the role of autologous and allogeneic transplant for myeloma patients and the difference between palliative and hospice care.

Be sure to listen to our other episodes from this series. The fifth episode will be launching this Spring.

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