Live at CancerCon with Heather Juliet: Young Adult Advocate & Mentor

Listen in as Guest Speaker, Shona Lovie, from The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) speaks with Heather Juliet, a young adult survivor and an attendee onsite at CancerCon 2018 in Denver, Colorado. Heather knew something was wrong for many years but each time she went to the doctor she was met with ‘you’re fine’, ‘you’re too young’, or ‘you’re too healthy’. When symptoms became severe, she was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin lymphoma. Being in the health and wellness field and describing herself as ‘extremely healthy’, she was shocked by the news but also relieved to know that there was finally an explanation for the way she had been feeling. Realizing that finding survivorship resources was incredibly challenging, she was inspired and motivated to be that source for other survivors. She understands how it feels to be diagnosed and to have your life change so quickly and not knowing where to go first. She also shares how she made ‘finding herself again’ her goal by adjusting her mindset and intentionally creating a happy space around her. Taking yoga and seeing the impact it had on her own life, she decided to get certified so that she too can be a mentor and advocate for other cancer survivors.

CancerCon is the annual, international gathering, organized by Stupid Cancer, that brings together patients, survivors, caregivers, advocates, and activists, along with oncology team professionals and the healthcare industry through a shared goal of improving young adult cancer health outcomes.

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