Strap on your Oxygen Mask First: Being a Parent with Cancer

Meredith Hemphill Ruden, DSW, LCSW

Join us as we speak to Dr. Meredith Hemphill Ruden, who had an informative session at CancerCon on Parenting with Cancer. Meredith is a licensed clinical social worker, 13-year Melanoma cancer survivor and Executive Director of the Feather Foundation. In this episode, Meredith dives into the challenging topic of being a parent while dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment. After becoming a social worker following treatment, she started to notice that there weren’t as many resources to help parents who had cancer. To combat this shortfall, she started The Feather Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting parents throughout their cancer journey. This episode highlights the importance of making self-care a priority and how to find hope as a family while dealing with cancer.

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  1. Hello,
    I just wanted to let you know that the information that was shared was great, my child was diagnosed with cancer and the communication and quality of time definitely goes both ways. thanks you so much. Patricia

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