Understanding Racial and Ethnic Disparities Within Healthcare

Stephen B. Thomas, PhD

Join this insightful conversation as Alicia, Edith and Lizette sit down to chat with Dr. Stephen B. Thomas, one of the nation’s leading scholars in the effort to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities. Dr. Thomas is a Professor of Health Policy & Management and Director of the Maryland Center for Health Equity at the University of Maryland School of Public Health.  On this episode, Dr. Thomas explains structural determinants of health and defines ‘health disparity’ and ‘health equity’ as it relates to ethnicity and race in America. Dr. Thomas emphasizes that only together can we create lasting change and better outcomes for all people. He explains how his students and colleagues continue to think outside the box when creating ways to bring education and awareness to those within marginalized groups. Dr. Thomas shares the results of various research studies, current trends and future plans and projects that help to address racial and ethnic disparities within healthcare.

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  1. Interesting messages on the cultural differences on how health issues are perceived and handled.
    I enjoyed the concept of the Barber Shop Advocacy –educating the barber and the customers on how to look at the importance of seeing heath care providers and do the Reality Check.
    Must educate all not to have an unconscious Bias..

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