CLL: Transformation in Treatment

Ellin Berman, MD

Join us as Ellin Berman, MD a leukemia expert from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center discusses the advancements in treatment for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL). Dr. Berman explains how not all CLL is the same, as it is a heterogeneous disease which explains why one person’s CLL can act differently from another person’s CLL.  Dr. Berman speaks about how some patients do not start treatment right away and why some patients may be good candidates for clinical trials.  Every patient is different, and since there are newer treatments now available for CLL, Dr. Berman provides patients with different treatment options, and encourages patients to ask questions and to be a partner with their treatment team when making treatment decisions.

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  1. Dr. Berman is my doctor and she is great. I have CLL for 19 years and is always there for me whenever I have a question.

  2. Thank you, Dr. Ellin Berman, for the best presentation that I’ve heard yet from LLS! This is because it’s the only one that was easily understandable by patients like me. All the others I’ve listened to sounded more like continuing education credits for people who have medical degrees, i.e., too technical, with vocabulary laypeople are not familiar with. Bravo to you, Dr. Berman, for your informative talk!

  3. I really appreciate this program. I have been diagnosed with CLL since 2010. Had one round of invasion chemo, in 2020 had to be put on Ibrutinib, so far everything is ok. But have been feeling tired, I am 80, so I just thought is was age. I am not worried, it has had no bad effect on me. Thank you for this program.

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