Moving Forward with Myeloma: Oya’s Story

Oya Gilbert

Oya knew he was sick, but his inclinations were met with people telling him he was a hypochondriac.  Oya recounts the moment in his life when he decided to increase his health insurance after being told by doctors that he was fine for many years prior.  It was during the insurance company’s own testing that they told him something was wrong and instructed him to bring their results of his blood work back to his primary doctor.  Through a series of tests, he later received his myeloma diagnosis.  Listen in as Alicia, Edith and Lizette speak with Oya about the importance of advocating for yourself when something feels ‘off’.  Having been diagnosed in his 40s, Oya shares how he was diagnosed, signs and symptoms he experienced, the effects of his treatment, the importance of open communication with a patient’s healthcare team and the vital role of a caregiver.  He describes the many friendships he has made throughout this journey and the lessons he has learned about life overall.

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