Family Ties: Navigating Multiple Myeloma Together

Ashlie D’Andrea
Emma D’Andrea
Lynn Steele, LSW, OSW-C

In this episode, we speak to a myeloma patient and her teenage daughter about the impact that myeloma had on her family. Lynn Steele, a social worker and Information Specialist at LLS, then joins us to share tips and resources on how families can navigate a cancer diagnosis together. 

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  1. This session was very informational to me. I have had myeloma now for two yrs. I was told by my primary doctor that my blood work did not look good. She just told me to make an appointment with a blood specialist. No early warnings were given to me. I had recently lost my mom, I just thought I was just losing weigh from grief and I knew I was getting tired easily. This session gave a good insight too so much. Thank you all.

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