Bite By Bite: Supporting Cancer Patients Through Nutrition

Nutrition is a crucial part of cancer care. Many patients and caregivers play an active role in managing their nutrition during and after treatment. In this episode, we discuss nutrition after a cancer diagnosis with Luz Chavez and Susanne Massarani, Registered Dietitians from The University of Chicago. Learn the basics of oncology nutrition and how a good diet can help combat treatment-related weight loss and side effects. Caregivers will also benefit from tips on how to care for their loved ones when they experience appetite changes or other gastrointestinal symptoms.

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  1. Great suggestions and help during chemo or treatment. How about after chemo and radiation. What can we do to rebuild GI track and build back muscle mass. What kinds of foods help to increase white blood cells, platelets and red blood cells after treatment?

    1. Hi Mary,

      After cancer treatment, it is suggested to slowly add back foods and beverages to increase variety from each food group. Make choices that you can easily digest with the least discomfort. To rebuild tissues, cells, and muscle, use small but frequent small meals and smart snacks through the day. Choose protein at each meal. See our article on Survivorship Nutrition and consider making an appointment with our registered dietitians to personalize some nutrition suggestions for you. or call 877-467-1936 weekdays

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