LIVE! At CancerCon: The Roadmap of Survivorship

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Please join us for this special episode live from CancerCon®, a young adult cancer conference presented by Stupid Cancer®. In this episode, we’ll be speaking with patients and survivors about where they are along the road of survivorship.

In the exhibit hall, we displayed a roadmap of survivorship, which had many detours and pit stops along the way towards long-term survivorship. The responses from young adult patients and survivors varied and each person had different milestones or points along the road that that they found significant.

We encourage our listeners to view the roadmap on the episode page. To our patients and survivors, where do YOU fit along the road? Be sure to share in the comments or discuss in the PodClub in our Subscriber Lounge.

Be sure to stay tuned for the next episode from CancerCon, where we will be hearing from experts who presented on various ways to cope with a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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  1. Great episode, Elissa and participants! So great to hear the voices of the young survivors. Btw, if I had another chance to answer the question, “After diagnosis, comes . . . “, my answer would be ambivalence, although I really liked the response of “insight.”

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