Fueling Hope: Nutrition Insights for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)

Nourishing your body after a cancer diagnosis can seem like an impossible task when your mind is focused on survival. Join us as we talk to chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patient, Jonathan Daige, and Registered Dietitian, Jennifer Redlich, about healthy eating and the benefits of a balanced diet.

In this episode, Jonathan, a three-time cancer survivor, shares his journey of nutrition and exercise through his cancer treatments. Jennifer gives tips on putting together balanced meals that provide patients with the nutrients they need to nourish their bodies during cancer treatments. All cancer patients and caregivers can benefit from this episode, as we learn that no step is too small to maintain good nutrition.

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  1. I was diagnosed with CML 11/2 years ago.
    I’m doing fine except for fatigue. I was in really good shape when I was diagnosed- still go to the gym 3 times a week but like your guest can no longer do cardio,just yoga and weight classes.
    I golf 3 times a week in Summer and tennis twice a week in winter along with my workouts . I feel great when I’m doing them but an hour later I hit a wall and need to lie down for at least an hour. The fatigue irates me cause I want to do things but can’t. I read that if your in remission after 3 years, it was suggested you come of Imatinib and have your blood monitored .
    Is there anything I can do to fight the fatigue?
    What do you think of coming off the drug?

    1. Hi Constance,

      We actually have an episode right before this on fatigue with some helpful tips! You can find that here: https://thebloodline.org/TBL/144e147/. Regarding the medication, we encourage you to discuss that with your doctor. However, you are also welcome to contact our Information Specialists at 1-800-955-4572 or LLS.org/ContactUs for assistance. Hope this helps. Thank you for listening to The Bloodline!

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