Give Yourself Grace: Overcoming Long-term Side Effects

Join us as we speak to Veronika Panagiotou, a non-Hodgkin lymphoma survivor and Alique Topalian, a two-time AML survivor. In this episode, Veronika and Alique discuss the long-term side effects they have been experiencing as a result of their chemotherapy treatments.

While their lives have been impacted by these treatments, they have been able to find joy and peace as they work to overcome these side effects. Don’t miss out on this important episode, as blood cancer patients learn to give themselves grace during challenging days in treatment and beyond.

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  1. I’m so overwhelmed when the podcast and other lectures and information come. I love reading the stidies, the challenges they give me strength.

    Thank You so much.

    1. Hi Jackie,

      We know that cancer and all the information can be so overwhelming. We encourage you to contact our Information Specialists at 1-800-955-4572 or, so that you can get individualized information for your specific disease and be connected to all the resources that you could benefit from.

      Thank you for listening!

  2. Listened to longterm effects program today and I was
    much heartened to hear the stories told by these two
    lovely, brave women. It’s always very good to know you
    are there, LLS . …

  3. I am a survivor of multipal malinoma had a stem cell transplant and doing well. The cemo treatments I had did not effect me much. The matainance cemo is the same. I did loose a lot of body mass fat and mussel
    that Iam trying to regain at th YMCA. Every day is a blessing from God.

  4. My name is Mary. In 2021 I’ve been diagnose with multiple myeloma. I really didn’t get any symptoms except when I received a lump on my head. I get it checked out, the doctor said that I have cancer somewhere in my body. I felt nothing but fear after I gotten the. news. I went through stem cell transplant, chemo, biopsies , etc. Now, I still go get blood draws & biopsies every 100 days. I take a medication call Revlimid. But thankfully I am doing good. My immune system is still a little weak, and my whit cells are a little weak also. But thankfully I am still fighting the fight.. Praise God!!!-

  5. Thanks for this podcast with such articulate participants. Surviving Cancer is complicated and often many of the symptoms or side effects of the treatments are not easily described or shared with others. It’s great to hear others describe and talk in detail about this, well done.

  6. Did anyone experience depression and anxiety after finally getting in remission if so how long did it last and how did u get thru it I feel like I’m drowning. I know my body and mind need time to heal but I feel awful 😞 and I know I should be grateful to be alive and finally be in remission but my mind is just off.

    1. Hi Leandra,

      Thank you for sharing your experiences. We would recommend two things. 1) We encourage you to get our survivorship workbook. There are many exercises you can go through and mental health is covered in the book. You can find it at 2) If you would like to discuss physical effects with other people in the cancer community, you can either go to our free subscriber lounge of the podcast and start the discussion on the recent episode (in the PodClub) at or join our LLS Community at

  7. When my husband diagnosed with B cell lymphoma non Hodgkin I was really down.he was diagnosed two weeks before my daughter’s wedding. Right after the reception he went to the ER . After two weeks at the hospital, I transferred him to Mount Sinai hospital , thanks God we found a good doctor who help he’s in remission for two years.After I started listening to the podcast , also learned how to cope with certain things, I feel much better

  8. This is the first time I’ve listened to a podcast.
    It was interesting and different than a webinar as I did not feel the pressure to keep up or understand everything that was being said.
    Much less formal and very relatable and a topic that I’ve always been interested in (side effects )
    I’ve been on very low-dose chemo for close to five years and I’ve gotten fairly used to everything (I have been lucky enough to be in a program with a personalized counselor for my nutritional and emotional needs for over a year) but nice to hear that somethings I stress about or get depressed about were common things experienced by others. I like that you have sources highlighted that were talked about that I couldn’t write down fast enough and still listen.
    All in all I say good job and I will be back now and then I’ve always considered LLS my favorite source of info and emotional, support since I first discovered I had CLL.
    Thank you

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