Improving Quality of Life Through Wellness Practices

Heidi MacAlpine

Join us as we speak to Heidi MacAlpine, a chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) patient and occupational therapist. In this episode, Heidi talks to us about her diagnosis of CLL and how she has utilized wellness techniques to reduce inflammation and maintain a good quality of life while on a watch and wait protocol. 

This episode will help patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals understand the benefits of adding wellness practices to conventional therapies, such as yoga, mindfulness, journaling, and massage, to decrease side effects and improve the life of patients following a cancer diagnosis. 

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  1. I was diagnosed in September 2022 with non Hodgkins Small B cell. It’s a wait & watch cancer. It is very unusual. It too was found in a freakish way. After banging my left ankle with the metal portion of my screen door, 2 days in a row, I developed a hematoma. It didn’t self resolve. I went to 5 different doctors more than once in the course of over a year. I had a biopsy in September. Radiation tx in December. Next appointment with oncologist in February. I gained so much knowledge and inspiration from this podcast. Heidi, I pray that God blesses you with good health and abundant hope! Marlene U

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