Let’s Talk About Stem Cell Transplantation: Benefits and Side Effects

Please join us as we speak to Dr. Shernan Holtan and guest co-host from LLS, Christina Neilsen. In this episode, Dr. Holtan discusses stem cell transplants; how they work, the different types of transplants, and the side effects, including graft-vs-host disease (GVHD).

Dr. Holtan shares exciting new research on reducing GVHD and provides blood cancer patients with hope as transplantations continue to improve and bring about potential cures.

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  1. Dr Holtan should go into public speaking as well as medicine as she is very easy to listen to, makes her points and does not talk down to her audience. Great information re. BMT and side affects of the treatment.

  2. I myself had a stem cell transplant- Auto after being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. UM Sylvester in Miami diagnosed, treated and transplanted me. It was rough. Not going to sugarcoat this at all. However, would recommend to anyone referred to by their Oncology team. I followed their every word. I continue to be monitored almost 3 years out., as well as taking oral chemo for maintenance. My new normal. I am thankful I could go through this, survived it and had family and friends supporting me. PLUS, my hair did grow back. God Bless. It will be okay.

  3. Thank you so much for this podcast. I am currently in the hospital for my 2nd SCT. The first was 1/21 for MDS in which my brother was my donor, 100% match 12/12. Unfortunately, in June of the same year, the disease progressed to AML which I have been in treatment for since.

    Thank God, a donor was found on bethematch.org. I will have my SCT on 8/25. GVHD has always been a major concern of mine. This podcast came right on time. As I listen to it & read my regimen to see that I will be given the chemo after that is mentioned, I feel a since of relief. Thank you so much LLS for your continued support & help as we navigate through this process.

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