Patient-Doctor Perspectives: Hope in the Uncertainty of AML

Join us as we speak with Charles Huang and Dr. Gabriel Mannis in honor of AML Awareness Day (April 21st). In this episode, Charles tells us about his treatment for AML, participation in clinical trials, and shares about his struggle to find a bone marrow donor as an Asian Pacific Islander. Charles then turned his struggle into legislation to make it easier to join a bone marrow donor registry to save lives. Dr. Mannis, of Stanford Medicine, shares about the latest advances in AML research, from clinical trials in Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) therapy to medications that reduce graft-vs-host disease (GVHD). With research advancing quickly in the field of AML treatment, patients and caregivers are given reasons to have hope after the uncertainty of a diagnosis.

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  1. Awesome presentation. I am an AML patient, diagnosed in 2017 and had a stem cell transplant in 2018.
    I have done exceptionally well. I am grateful for “all ” the support provided by LLS.I do give back on a regular
    basis. I feel it is only right to do so. I am ETERNALLY grateful to my donor for registering with Be the Match.
    I would not be here without his ‘GIFT”.
    You really don’t know how precious life is until you are fighting for it.

    1. I just listened to this podcast this morning for the first time and it was very informative. I also am an AML patient, diagonsed 4/8/19 and had a bone marrow transplant 7/11/19.

      All I know is that my donor was a 19 year old European female and I am very grateful to her for her donation not only of the bone marrow, but the AML returned October of 2020 and I had to get 2 donor lymphocyte infusions which had to come from her and she again was willing to do that.

      I don’t know her name or anything else about her but I did send her a thank you note through my transplant coordinator and hope she received it.

      Thank you LLS for providing all the beneficial information you do. I appreciate it as much as I do my oncologist.

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