LLS Financial Assistance: How We Can Help

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Join us as we speak to Gregory Proctor, a myeloma patient, and Erica Ali, the Senior Manager of Copay and Patient Financial Assistance Programs at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. In this episode, Gregory shares his story of his diagnosis with myeloma in July 2021 and how he has benefited from the LLS Copay Program, which provided financial support for his treatment. Erica discusses all of the financial programs that LLS has to support patients, what the funds cover, and how to apply for these programs. LLS Financial assistance improves patients’ access to care and is accessible to patients of all blood cancer diagnoses when funding is available.

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  1. Great Information.
    How do we, the patient and caregiver/spouse encourage or make the doctor offices to have this information available. Our support group found out by accident what financial assistance was available from LLS and other groups. We missed out on 2-3 years of support.
    We really appreciate what LLS offers to MM patients.
    I am the leader of our local support group.

    1. Hi Lou,

      We encourage you to contact your local Patient & Community Outreach Manager. You can find their direct contact information here: https://www.lls.org/chapterfind. They can work with support groups and doctors offices to make sure the patients and Health Care Professionals have all the information of financial assistance programs offered by LLS. I sent an email to you to assist you in finding your local outreach manager. Thank you for listening to the podcast. I hope this information will help you and those in your support group.

  2. We have been through the same process. My wife was diagnosed in May 2021. The help we have received has been incredible. The grants have been wonderful, but the Cancer support has been better. The support groups have given us the most hope in this process.

  3. This was a very informative Podcast. I was not aware of all the assistance LLS provides and all of the areas they address.

    1. I been through 3 types of cancer, however, multiple myeloma is rare but dangerous enemy, I have enjoyed hearing others talk about their experience. Thank you LLS, I found out about you guys through my doctor’s they gave me a great patient advocate at practice who helped to become part of your family You have helped me and I thank God for LLS!

    1. Hi Richard and Georgia,

      We encourage you to call our Information Specialists at 1-800-955-4572 or fill out the form at LLS.org/ContactUs. They would be happy to go over the Financial Assistance process with you.

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