How to Address Physical, Emotional and Cognitive Challenges of Cancer with Palliative Care

Areej El-Jawahri, MD

Join us as we speak to Dr. Areej El-Jawahri, a physician researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital and Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. In this episode, Dr. El-Jawahri shares the wonderful benefits of palliative care for both blood cancer patients and their families. Often erroneously associated with hospice or end of life care, palliative care can be started at any point after diagnosis and has shown many benefits with being started early in treatment. In palliative care, the physical, emotional and cognitive challenges after a cancer diagnosis are addressed by a specialized team of providers, leading to a more comfortable experience through treatment and beyond.

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  1. I knew much/most of what was discussed about Palliative Care, but it was good to hear it presented in an expanded q-and-a format. I have been a V.A. patient since early 2009, and for cancer(s) since late 2010. The V.A. has a broad range of services available, including P.C. and psychotherapy; and the HæmOnc team are incredible: I am the walking and breathing proof of their proficiency. Nor have I ever been denied treatment as being too expensive or that I am too old.
    I have also attended many first-Monday-night LLS mèetings in the Berkeley/East Bay area [and Zoom] over the past 10 years which have been very helpful. Thank You, LLS.

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